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Making Print Management Easy in Mackay

Print Management

What is MPS / Copy Cost Plans / Managed Print Really?

Q:           Is it a bunch of confusing jargon with 3 and 4 letter words (see glossary at the bottom of the page)?

Q:           Is it a plan to save you time & money with less stress in your workday and all on one invoice so you can keep track of your in-house Printing?

Q:           Are there different levels and variations of Managed Print Services?

Q:           Can CrossPrint take the Mystery out of Managed Print Services plans and make it easy and transparent to understand?

A:            Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes!

A contract is only as good as the people you are dealing with!  That’s why you need to trust your Print Management partner to deal “in good faith” – Any managed services plan is just “bundling” to have one price… one price per month or per year or per copy or call or scan, you get the idea.  So, how do you know what’s in the bundle and how do I know if it’s a good deal?

Transparency is the word you’re looking for – and it’s hard to compare offers without it.

What’s included Free in every CrossPrint Print Management “Bundle”?

  • Trust – with a Print Management Partner that has been doing Print Management plans for over 20 years
  • Transparency – There are no hidden surprises in a CrossPrint Print Management plan
  • Telepathy – Somehow, we seem to know when you’re about to run out of toner – Don’t question it – it’s what we do 😊

As for what else you want in the bundle…

How about a checkup first to see how you are doing now, so we can make a professional diagnosis?

You can then review our recommendations and weigh up the options.

And don’t worry it’s all no pressure – you will want to feel comfortable dealing with us just as much as we will want to make sure it is a good fit for us.

A good business deal is a relationship for life.  A professional “Partnership” with a “Do No Harm” mentality.

Q:     Can I really save on print & document costs on Print Management plans?

A:            You sure can.

A couple of quick statistics on that:

  1. Business document costs are around 10% of a business’ revenue
  2. Almost 90% of business’ don’t monitor their printing costs with around 40% of print related costs having no purchasing oversight

If there is a way to help you save time & money…

Glossary of Managed Print and Associated Jargon

(This is by no means a full list – Welcome to our world! 😉)

MPS / MpS                          Managed Print Services / Managed print Services

MDS                                      Managed Document Services

MSP                                       Managed Service Provider

MOS                                      Managed Optimisation Services

CPC                                        Cost Per Copy / Cost Per Click

CPP                                        Cost Per Page / Cost Per Print

CPI                                         Cost Per Image / Consumer Price Index

VAR                                       Value Added Reseller

SaaS                                       Software as a Service

TaaS                                       Technology as a Service

MPSaaS                                Managed Print Services as a Service (Really!)

TCO                                        Total Cost of Ownership

SLA                                         Service Level Agreements

BPM                                      Business Process Management / Modeling

BPO                                       Business Process Optimisation

DCA                                       Data Collection Agent

QBR                                       Quarterly Business Review

AMV                                      Average Monthly Volume

ASP                                        Authorised Service Provider / Partner

EDM                                      Electronic Direct Mail

ECM                                       Electronic Content Management

CMIS                                     Content Management Interoperability Services

MSA                                      Master Service Agreement

FM                                         Facilities Management

M2M                                     Machine to Machine

SRDM                                    Sharp Remote Device Manager

MIB                                        Management Information Base / Men In Black (just checkin)

SNMP                                   Simple Network Management Protocol

Service Plan, Maintenance Agreement, Do & Charge, Time & Materials, On Contract, Click Charge, Copy Cost Plan, Overs/Overage, Copy Block, Block Time & Materials Call, Base Service Charge / Callout Fee, Base Billing, Meter Billing, Asset Management, Document Management, Imaging Management….

Confusing right?! 

Funnily enough one of the acclaimed experts on MPS, Greg Walters, published a 380 page book in 2014 – Death of the Copier (DOTC 😊) – and on page 237 he states: “MPS can only be described, MPS CANNOT be defined.”

Luckily for you… You don’t have to know any of that because we’ve been doing this a long time.  Back before it became alphabet soup.  In the interests of “Transparency” you now have a bit more of an insight into the world of Managed… Services.

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